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Seven Long Years released in 2018.


Seven Long Years is a common phrase in this tradition of folk music.  It signifies the passing of time, often in hardship, followed by the finding of a lost love or some other joyous event.  It has been some time since we last recorded and, although we’ve not toiled in hardship, much has happened in our lives. This album is our joyous event, celebrating our long-term musical friendship and communal creative energies. Once again, we recorded largely live-off-the-floor to capture the feeling that we get playing music together.  For us, there is nothing better!  We hope you enjoy our latest offering.

Released in 2011, More Than One True Love is Celtara's sophomore release that includes their CKUA radio hit "Flyby". Download from iTunes.

Only a few copies of Celtara's Until the Morning Light are still available and this 2007 first release has proven to be a wonderful introduction to the kind of arrangements and instrumentation that Celtara has become known for.

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